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Pay To Play - Huddersfield
Pay To Play - Huddersfield
These games are in our Reception area and mostly cost 50p per game.
Ghost Squad Evolution
Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 2007
Number of Simultaneous Players: 2
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Joint

In Ghost Squad: Evolution the player is a member of Alpha Unit, or members of the “Ghost Squad”, an unofficial unit of the anti-terrorist group, Multi-Operation-Program (M.O.P.). Non-playable characters include fellow M.O.P. members consisting of the Commander, who provides radio backup and pertinent advice to the player, along with the Bravo and Charlie Units who assist the player in suppressing the terrorist threat.

The rifle can be set from single shot, to 3 burst shot to automatic fire as well as special effects to suit the situation such as Night Vision, Flash Light for the mounted gun, and Scope for the sniper rifle. The gun also features an action button which is used to pull off special moves like hand-to-hand combat, as well as recoil effects on every shot fired.

Each mission contains multiple routes for the player to choose. Special events occur throughout the game depending on the route chosen, such as securing hostages, bomb removal, or providing friendly cover fire. The game is broken into 3 missions with 16 total levels. All 16 can be selected from the beginning. There are 14 costumes available for character customization, however, the costumes have no effect on gameplay. There are 25 different weapons.
Point Blank 2
Manufacturer: Namco
Year: 1999
Number of Simultaneous Players: 2
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Joint/Competitive

Players use two attached light guns to hit targets onscreen.
missions require speed, quick judgment or pinpoint accuracy.
The game consists of non-violent shooting contests where players are tasked with challenges such as shooting player-colored bulls-eyes, cardboard criminals and other inanimate objects, not shooting bombs and cardboard cutouts of civilians and protecting characters Dr. Don and Dr. Dan.
Players choose the desired difficulty level (Practice, Beginner, Advanced, and Very Hard in the first game, or Training, Beginner, Advanced, and Insane in the second game onwards) which will determine how many stages must be finished to complete the game, as well as their overall difficulty.
Players are shown four missions in each grouping and may attempt them in any order; they usually have only three lives for the entire game, but this may depend on the cabinet settings.
Most stages have unlimited bullets, but some have a limited amount of ammo.
Players lose lives if they fail to fullfil the stage quota, or shoot "Do Not Shoot" targets, such as Bombs, Civilians or the opponent's colour targets.

There are six different types of stages in the game:
Accuracy, where both players must shoot the designated areas with the highest points.
Intelligence, where they must count to sixteen (by shooting the numbers).
Memory, where they must match two cards by shooting two matching cards.
Simulation, where they are required to shoot the cardboard robbers but not civilians.
Visual Acuity, where they are required to shoot the target which matches what is displayed.
Speed, where they are required to shoot targets of their designated colors.

Upon completing all stages, players will have their performance ranked.
The ranking is based on how many points have been accumulated, lives remaining & how many continues have been used and will advise the player to advance up to a higher difficulty, try out head to head with a friend, return to a lower difficulty, or to practice more.
Outrun 2
Mario Kart
Time Crisis 4
Dance Dance Revolution